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ECR at a Glance
  • South African based specialist supply and development group.
  • Owned and Managed by senior operational personnel.
  • Site based Technical Management Services.

ECR holds a Level 4 BBBEE status:

  • 26% Black Female Ownership
  • 74% White Female Ownership


Key Attributes of ECR's Technical Services Group
  • Technical Knowledge across a wide range of Manufacturing – Supply – Service and Maintenance parameters within the RAB-R.C. Exploration-Blast-Hole Core Drilling Sectors.
  • Process Engineering experience covering a wide range of unit operations and technologies.
  • Site operational experience – Understand operational implementation of various scope drilling operations associated maintenance and repairs regimes.
  • Technology – Design, Development, Testing, Engineering and Implementation service to maintain operational systems or improve on systems where needed.
  • Due Diligence – Consulting and Representing projects to bankers and prospective investors.
  • Sensitive to IP – Experience in IP, competitive advantage development and protection.

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